Importance of Nepal’s festivals

We have many festivals but the significance of each festival is different for different communities. Nepalese festivals are an essential part of Nepalese life that garners tremendous local participation. A festival is an event that is usually held by a community to commemorate some part of that community, its faith, or its cultures. Dumji, Teej, Mani Rimdu, Indra Jatra, Bisket Jatra, Holi, Dashain, Tihar, Mela, Christmas, Easter, and Eid are all examples of festivals that are labeled as local or national holidays. Unlike federal holidays that has fixed date and anniversary, festival holidays can be celebrated on different days as per year, meaning, it might not occur on the same date as it was in previous year. We aim to provide and suggest you memorable festival holiday travel plan, the experience that you will cherish for your lifetime. Our offer includes some mountain festival holidays which might need certain customization as per your personal desire. Therefore, we would humbly request you to share your ideas so that we can arrange it as per your desire.