Our Objectives

Our main objective is to provide high quality services to our customers with impeccable experience of the mountains, cultural heritage, and naturally rich and rare wildlife and its magnificence. Our main goal is to complete their journeys and return home with transcendent overall experience and induce feelings and desires to comeback to Nepal again and again. In tourism industry, we have two types of target groups of guests: First one is domestic or internal tourists, and the second one is international or foreign tourists. So, we here at Jagadamba holidays, we strive to enhance, encourage, promote both domestic and foreign tourism in Nepal and to help the industry blossom into a sustainable tourism by attracting and satisfying domestic and foreign tourists.

Additional Objectives in point wise:
(a) To create value and quality of service to the customer, employees, management, and the local community.
(b) To add and help experience new travel destinations, cultural and natural heritage, and adventures.
(c) To share our expertise and knowledge about adventures with our valued customers.
(d) To give back to our local tourism communities and contribute to Mother Nature.
(e) To create strong friendships with customers to promote tourism in Nepal and empower the company.

Our Mission:
““The mission of Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited is the always dedicated to the highest quality of customer service to our guest with enhanced and impeccable experience of native nature, Himalayas, cultural heritage, and elegant glimpse of natural wildlife.” Our mission is to provide affordable prices and the highest quality service, and to ensure unforgettable experience in the lap of Himalayas. On top of those, we strive for integrity everyday with unflinching passion in tours and travels, connecting you with them and fostering experiences of a lifetime. We strive and thrive in the tourism business services by a team of travel-dedicated connoisseurs who design and deliver truly incredible travel experiences packages and affordable holiday packages to meet our customers’ need and that eventually lead to last for a lifetime by moving your heart and mind towards loving nature. To achieve our objectives, we always request to actively encourage our customers, our employees, our business partners, and our communities to engage and participate common activities while having fun, with an acute sense of safety and security and exceptional travel experiences of the journey.

Our Vision:
Our main vision is “to be the best travel associate of choice for all travelers to Nepal and beyond.” Jagadamba Holidays’ vision is to be the responsible adventure travel and tours service provider in the Himalayan Region, and our main aim to be a well-known internationally recognized adventure travel destination management company because we are capable to make truly unique and creative travel experiences in any part of South Asia. The Company aims to be a leading destination management company in Nepal with an emphasis on spiritual, adventure, as well as the cultural aspects of what Nepal has to offer. We aspiration to page way for the blossoming of tourism in the nation without endangering the mountain ecology, and local heritage and cultures for the coming generations to enjoy to see our rich biodiversity and heritage sites of Nepal. We would like to encourage and share our vision of sustaining tourism development in the tourism industry that preserves our uniquely incredible cultures and ecology. Our power lies in our experience as well as an association in various segments of tourism that allow us to intensify quality and add value to our services. As we mentioned above, we like to use our expertise in hospitality to all levels of travel requirements to the fullest and give towards making Nepal a unique travel destination in the world.


Our Commitment:
We believe that it is our responsibility to assist you in every aspect of your travel the right way. We do this through trade collaboration with the companies and relevant people; our passionate staff at Jagadamba work closely with leaders across the world and local communities in the areas of sustainability. Because of our sincere customer service, courtesy care, insight, togetherness, awareness, hospitality, and affinities, our customers of the globe have grown to trust the tourism services and trade professionalism in Jagadamba Holidays. In our understanding, the most common sets of knowledge why people travel across the globe are:
(a) To enjoy and have fun during the holidays.
(b) To see and learn various cultures, traditions and lifestyle of other people.
(c) To pilgrimage.
(d) To visit exotic, exquisite, famous places.
(e) To escape from our normal life to explore unfamiliar but beautiful places.

It is our commitment to customers that we deliver every aspect of the travel contract that is done between customer (you) and Jagadamba Holidays (us) as promised, with immensely awe-inspiring experiences throughout your travels. We are committed and are very dedicated to every customer to make their travel unforgettable and truly epic. You can put your trust that the Jagadamba Holidays’ team and its alliances will fulfill every single demands, desires, queries and solutions.