Style of Tour

Usually, we can categorize the style of holidays of Nepal in two ways like accommodation and service. Food and accommodation-wise holidays are classified into three categories such as tea-house, home-stay, and camping. Similarly, Service-wise holidays are classified into three categories such as fully guided (Full Organize Package), semi-guided (GAP – Logistic packages), and self-guided (Independent solo Package). Besides that, we may categorize the holidays in Nepal on the basis of difficulty levels of activities or facilities. We describe here the styles of our offered holiday packages, there are three major styles of holidays in Nepal, each of which has good and bad aspects, but your choice will depend on your travel destination financial availability, free time available, and personal preferences.

There are no better or worse styles of holidays, in fact, you might consider combining styles of holidays in some destinations to get a broader experience. Holiday styles depend on traveler choice but often it is determined by the destination of holidays, which are subject to the popularity of the route inherent difficulties, and the availability of facilities on the traveling route. The following are popular holiday’s styles of Nepal:

1. Tea House or lodge
2. Tent House or Camping
3. Private House or Home-Stay


Tea-House Holiday:
In Nepal, recent years have seen a dramatic increase in both the number and the standard of facilities in villages on the main trekking trails. It is no surprise therefore that tea-house trekking with a guide has become incredibly popular because it is super convenient for tourists. In the tea House holidays package, we stay overnight in any locally run hotels lodges, or guest houses available on the trail. This is a less expensive option than an organized full camping holiday package and is less busy as we will use available accommodation and food prepared in the family-owned guesthouses. These holiday packages include room, meals, and a guide, but porter will be provided in accordance with their trip booking terms and conditions.

A typical day activity of the tea-house holiday package on the field, normally breakfast starts at 7 AM morning and after breakfast continue holiday, and will stop at local lodge for Lunch approximately at 1 PM on the way to our today’s destination. After Lunch and a short break, we will continue our journey again to reach on time in today’s destination and you are required to walk a maximum 8 hrs. in a day in the case of areas requiring longer walking days. The role of guide can cover various major tourism activities. In addition to being a guide to the tour, they can often explain the customs, culture, history, flora, and fauna. Your guide can also manage any porters (if you only want to carry small packs), ensure your accommodation is booked, transportation is confirmed, and food is well prepared; In fact, your guide can be your personal assistant, trip guardian, and best friend forever.

Camping Holiday:
Tent House holiday can be operated in any tourist destination of Nepal. In comparison with Tea-houses Holiday in Nepal, Tent house holidays are less popular. These types of holidays are operated with a local guide, helper, porter, cook, kitchen boy, camp helper as a crew member.

A mountain holiday in Nepal was initially exclusively based on tent house holidays. The most flexible, comfortable, and hygienic way to explore the Himalayas is on a tent house (camping) holiday package. For many travelers, their first trip to Nepal will be tea-house-based, but the lure of what lies beyond the main trails is so strong that they return for a camping trek, often to the more remote areas of Nepal.

At some point along the day’s trail, your cook will have prepared lunch for you at a scenic spot before you complete your journey to the next campsite and an extensive dinner menu. Shower, toilet, and dining tents with tables and chairs complete your campsite and comfort come courtesy of a foam mattress and pillow (usually an optional extra).

In fact, tent holidays are more expensive than tea-houses in Nepal, but this kind of holiday is frequently more comfortable, quieter, and less crowded as well! You have a variety of delicious meals every day that may not be available at the Tea House holiday package. Also, a tented camp holiday gives the feeling of a mountain holiday king, various unique and real experiences that we can usually only dream of.

Home-Stay Holiday:
At the present in Nepal, local people are aware and becoming actively involved in attracting tourists to their villages, they are also protecting the historic touristic attractions and cultural sites. A new concept is evolving to welcome tourists to villages thru the Home-Stay holiday package, the aim is to show them their unique culture hidden history, and some interesting places. It is the unique concept created to engage travelers with local people, stay and eat in their house as per their lifestyle and tradition.

This style is best for those who are seeking the homogeneous amalgamation of culture, nature, and new concept of hospitality; they may happily select it and join the trip.

There are various Home-stays all around Nepal, it is the best choice to have a short break to experience the village life with a family. It is created for those who want to explore the core culture and real beauty of Nepal. During your stay with us in Nepal, you will be with local families of mountain people.

This is not any luxurious holiday package like the city holiday package. But, these are something special being in a local village and getting to know the true taste of how Nepali locals live. Travelers should be prepared to compromise somewhat about accommodation, but they will enjoy delicious local food and an experience creates memories that will last a lifetime.

This kind of holiday will give you opportunities to gain an understanding of village lifestyle, culture, and agriculture. We are capable of offering Home-stay holiday packages all over Nepal at any time according to your interest and time schedule.

Special Note:
It is all your choice which depends on your budget. We humbly request please use at least local people who are involved in registered trekking or adventure travel agency. We guess nothing is more important to people than life and health.