Our Core Values


Jagadamba Holidays combine technology with travel, so we are keeping up the with development in technology and changing time, and undoubtedly, we are always a leading innovator in travel industry. We here at Jagadamba Holidays make our prospective and current customers a very user-friendly platform and make best communication with the customers. From the very beginning of choosing the travel destination to the return journey, home coming, from your epic adventures, innovation plays a crucial role. This is an internet age, and data show that about 75 percent of the travelers prefer to plan the trip through internet. Jagadamba holidays has done everything possible to integrate holidays-travel fully integrated with the innovative technologies to make your life a lot easier from booking to payments systems. So, innovation in wide-ranging areas is being routinely updated, and Jagadamba holidays thrives to make everything from your trips/holidays to the booking and payments side of things of your desired holidays impeccably proficient.

For any business, we believe integrity as the building block and foundation of the business. Jagadamba Holidays believes integrity as a vital ingredient for sustainable and long-term process for business growth and success. Integrity, honesty, and consistency are our guiding principles for our company.

Ethics in any company or business is a system of moral principles. The whole business is affected by the ethics and general morals and always are core values of a dedicated company and business. Jagadamba Holidays’ fundamental value is our ethics: We highly prioritize and implement a good ethical approach while conducting all the travels, tours and holidays. It is the vital and crucial guiding driver of our business. We implementing appropriate business policies and practices that are highly essential for a successful travel company overall.

Customer Care:
Customer care is an influential element for Jagadamba Holidays. We make every efforts to create maintain an honorable and intimate bond between our customers and the company so that we can always improve our reputation and increase the chances of further sales in the near future. Jagadamba Holidays is all about putting in place a best functional system that enhances the customer’s satisfaction with our business. We strongly believe in professionalism, fellowship, and proficiency of our employees.

For any company, the customers’ trust is a major achievement. In Jagadamba Holidays, our packages are geared toward earning our customers’ trust with offering all the services we offer. Every day we make efforts to gain confidence and trust from our customers. Moreover, we carry out all the crucial steps to ensure our customer a very trustable and reliable environment, and we dearly hold this as our major core value to deliver a complete customer satisfaction.

Jagadamba Holidays is ready to take all the legal, administrative, social responsibilities of the customers from the initiation of the travel to the very end until they safely return home. We put our full efforts on making our customers’ travel safe, healthy, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly during their vacation. We diligently and truthfully carry out our responsibilities as an adventure travels, tours, and trekking company and deliver our customers a very reliable, secure, and fun-filled holidays where we will be carrying all the responsibilities of each and every step of your holiday stay with us.

We assure your travel safety, and we promise that you will be fully satisfied with the services provided by Jagadamba Holidays. As soon as the booking is confirmed, we will process your documents and check for the availability to assure your reservations. We are genuine, and we will assure that you will confide your trust in what we do. Having more than 25 years of experience in travel industry, we can completely assure you that you will have an amazing holiday with a great level of travel safety and satisfaction.