Festival of Colors

Holi, the festival of colors, is the most exciting festival celebrated in Nepal. The right time is now to celebrate with family and friends. We give colors to our loved ones and say goodbye to the cold winter this Holi and engage in fun and enjoyment. But in the process of celebrating Holi with joy and enthusiasm, one should not forget to wish good luck to the relatives who could not meet on the day of Holi. Therefore, we send some wonderful greetings to our near and dear ones and I urge all of you friends, family and guests to accept it.

Holi, along with many other Hindu festivals, is celebrated as a national festival in Nepal. This is an important major festival celebrated all over Nepal along with Dashain and Tihar (Diwali). This Nepali month is celebrated in Falgun (Terai region celebrates the same date as Indian Holi, while the rest of the country celebrates it one day earlier), and refers to the legends of the Hindu god Krishna. Newar Buddhists and others worship Saraswati in Vajrayogini temples and celebrate the festival with their Hindu friends. Traditional concerts are held in most cities of Nepal including Kathmandu, Narayangarh, Pokhara, Itahari, Hetauda and Dharan by local clubs or musical bands.

People go to celebrate Holi by exchanging colors around each other and sprinkling colored water on each other. A popular activity is to throw water balloons at each other, sometimes called lola (meaning water balloons). Many people mix cannabis in their drinks and food, as is done on Shivaratri. In this festival, there is a belief that the combination of different colors will remove all sorrows and make life more colorful.