Why Travel With Us?

“Why book with Jagadamba Holidays? Here are the top reasons why you should choose Jagadamba holidays as your go-to travel company and your prime travel partner”

There are many good reasons why Jagadamba is worthy of your booking. Our years of industry experience and popularity, coupled with our different levels of service options, on-the-spot custom-made itineraries, make us a reliable, flexible, popular, and competitive choice.

Jagadamba offers two distinctive ways for creating a customer’s holiday itinerary. Each choice offers a different balance between what Jagadamba and a customer will brain-storm, research, organize, conclude, and book:

(a) Our company’s first umbrella pathway provides you with a range of holiday standard options based on your own personal preferences, experiences, and your preferred affordable budget packages. Our pricing will be in accordance with a specific choice you arrive at after discussion and agreement you reach with us.

(b) In the second pathway, Jagadamba Holidays will offer you with suggestive itineraries, but we provide you with the option to make all your own accommodation and transport bookings through our website. When the company receives notification of your booking, we will put your selected itinerary into our daily work schedule and send you the complete detailed itinerary that you will find useful throughout your journey. We can make a few amendments to the itinerary upon your request, but the booking of accommodation and transport will be the customer’s sole responsibility, in such cases.

Since going live online on 2019, Jagadamba Holidays has become a leading company in the exploration of deep skirts of Himalayas. We have provided our services to over 2,500 groups of explorers and tourists. We have gained precious industry experience, created very strong working relationships with all concerned parties, and maintained a respectful presence in the tourism industry.

Jagadamba Holidays have a reliable advance holiday reservation system. In most cases, when you book with us, you can save your precious time without having to wait for feedbacks from travel guides or other sources because our detailed itineraries posted our websites are designed in a manner that they contain most of your answers. The prices of the offered trips provide an immense value for money returns, and they are priced to keep the best industry standards. We carefully balance all the aspects when creating your mountain holiday trips, with the aim of providing finest quality adventure holidays that represent an unbeatable value for your money.

Jagadamba Holidays will finalize your trip by booking all your accommodation, activities, flights, and transport options. Whilst our prices are very competitive in the market, you can be rest assured that we never lower or cut any corners on our services to achieve this kind of best value for your money. Most importantly, after you finalize your trip and reach an agreement, there will be no hidden or shadow additional costs with us, not a single penny.

Jagadamba Holidays protects your interests in several counts by taking necessary steps. By closely linking with you, we will guide you to have realistic expectations from your own travel itinerary, such as to have quality travel times between destinations or to plan abundant number of days in areas of interest. Our tourism trade service experience has taught us to only work with sound and reliable travel and tour company operators because such agencies and operators have proven records of making all costs transparent and of ensuring all promises are delivered. There won’t be any unpleasant surprises when you book any mountain or leisure holiday package with us.

Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited – www.Jagadambaholidays.com has been approved by the Department of Tourism of Nepal. As per the rules of the highest authority, all tourism service providing agencies are rigorously and comprehensively scrutinized and checked before they are allowed to start their tourism service, and each agency is put under specific tourism categories to meet legal requirements. After your trip is confirmed by us, you need not worry about anything whatsoever to give you a peace of mind regarding your journey. Your safety is our highest priority, and we place professional standards of mountain trip leadership position thus we do ensure your safety throughout your trip. If you are looking for yourself for a holiday in a short notice, we do offer late bookings; therefore, please check out our website for Fixed Departure or contact us through email, text, audio or video messaging services.

Compared with other travel or trekking agencies or tour operators dealing with holidays to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India, what makes Jagadamba a stand-out company is we are a locally owned and operated by local staff with vast and real knowledge of the place in multiple fronts such as familiarity with terrains, languages and cultures, with experiences of alternative entry and exit points at times of unforeseen crises due to weather or otherwise. Every team member resides and conducts here in Nepal: Almost all of our mountain team members are from the mountain regions; we have an intimate knowledge and experience of the mountain area of Nepal and related territory. We will be more than happy to share them with you along the way. Lastly, the company’s founder resides in Kathmandu all year around, so when you arrive in Kathmandu, you can easily come in contact with us physically. The founder of the company lives right by the airport, making it easy for you to get assistance on a moment’s notice.

At Jagadamba, we provide a wide range of personalized services based on your requirements. From your first inquiry, you will be assigned to a personal travel consultant who will meet all of your needs. You are free to contact the consultant liberally, whenever and however you feel like. Our priority is a quick response to all inquiries as soon as possible; you will receive the response within 48 hours by your travel consultant. Every year, most of our customers who have travelled with us once, they come back to us and repeat their bookings, and this is the most reliable metrics, testimony, and exemplification of our customer satisfaction and reliability.

Many of the holiday packages on our website are unique to our customer. From the beginning, you will be linking with one of our travel planner specialists. Be it in person, over the phone, or by email, you are in the right place, and exciting surprises will be awaiting you. We have carefully researched these holiday packages to ensure that your trip runs smoothly without any hiccups and upheavals. The holiday packages are reviewed and updated routinely to include new information, accommodation options, attractions based on travel ideas reflected in our customer feedbacks. We take great pride in creating and crafting unique experiences that our customers always remember as a lifetime journey of the Himalayas.

Jagadamba Holidays offer holidays packages that are in high demands including most popular destinations of South Asian countries, especially Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India. Every day we endeavor to deliver efficient and optimum services to the customer. By continuous review, research, and increasing our range of holiday packages and destinations, we ensure that our customers get an opportunity to decide from a broad range of choices of travel experiences of their preferences. As you know, owing to the fact that we are locally owned agency, Jagadamba Holidays has had the advantage of specializing in adventure mountain holidays. At your request, we can organize any trips among our offered destinations.

The accommodation we use is as varied as our range of holiday packages and trip destinations. For example, within your trip, you might prefer an overnight stay in a comfortable three-star hotel in urban areas including Kathmandu, or if you may choose to be content with a basic clean, twin shareable room in a mountain lodge. Regardless of what you choose, we arrange your accommodation as per your preference and target budget. Please, you may want to pay attention carefully to the accommodation types and services included in each package, which are described on each holiday package page. There is really no need to worry about the camping trips as we will provide according to customers’ wishes because they are totally within our reach and control. Besides that, it is our primary concern that you should remain in good health throughout your holiday. The guide will look after your food during your lodge trek. During the camping trips, we ensure that food is expertly and hygienically prepared, and we aim to serve a mixture of local and Western-style, European and American, dishes. We try to provide substantial meals with as much variety as possible and routinely cater to vegetarians as well.

Many travel agencies and tour operators abroad are offer bigger travel groups such as minimum 16 travelers in a group to guarantee the trip. In contrast to them, based on our ground handling experience, substantially smaller groups of maximum ten travelers can provide intimate, homely, safer, better organized, and most fruitful experience of the journey. Smaller group travel has opportunities to easily interact with people we meet on the trail, and have the advantage of leaving fewer footprints in those pristine mountains, therefore ensuring sustainability through ecological responsibility. In short, smaller groups uphold environmental ethics better. You will usually find a mix of male and female travelers with a range of different ages on our group holidays.

We always aspire to make each of our customer experience the most comfortable, safest, joyful, knowledgeable, and overall happiest from the beginning of the holiday, and we encourage them to give us feedback on their experience with us so that we can quickly improve on our services by addressing those shortcomings swiftly. We routinely review your feedbacks on the related holiday and address them promptly, so that we can offer only the best. For those reasons, testimonials are very important for us as we aspire to improve on the quality of services in all matters.

Since the beginning of its establishment, Jagadamba Holidays’ motto and vision are to preserve and conserve the natural habitat and heritage that we explore together. We strive to make a prominent contribution to the conservation of nature wherever we offer group or solo travels, and we continue to be involved in a range of projects via our connections with the local environmental and animal rights NGOs in Nepal and neighboring countries.

Our sustainable assets are our mountain exploration teams composed of trekking and climbing guides. Our guided group holidays include the services of highly professional personnel/guides who have been selected on the basis of their experience and leadership skills. With Jagadamba Holidays, you will have a complete assurance of your trip being the safest and most informative as much as practically possible because of our long-tenured experienced experts, and they can be whole-heartedly entrusted with guiding you along every step of the way to make your trips successful to match and surpass your expectations from us.

We have various ranges of GAP (guide and porter) trips where we provide accommodation, luggage transfer, and all the information you need for your hiking/climbing or just exploring elegance of amazing Himalayas. Besides that, if desired and requested, we arrange private, individual departures for most of the GAP holidays. Please contact us to discuss your requirements if you think about such trips.

Most of the offered packages/trips on the website are with detailed itineraries including price, departure date, crucial information, which can be downloaded from the individual trip itinerary pages from our website www.Jagadambaholidays.com. In the website, you may find additional useful information, such as cultures, traditions, customs, nature, and trip difficulties, types of equipment, and wealth of trip related information. We here at Jagadamba holiday will be your dedicated travel partner, and we claim to secure the lowest fares for scheduled flights in Nepal, comfortable and affordable hotels, lodge or tea-houses.

We provide 24/7 phone call or email support to our valuable customers. Jagadamba Holidays is a leading destination management travel company that does have great deal of expertise to take care of each and every detail to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. Our fully dedicated travel experts will reply to every kind of your queries on time in accordance with the request in your email. We have immensely experienced, friendly, and loyal staff, including renowned specialists and experts in technical mountain skills and mountainous activity safety. Our prospective customers, clients and enthusiasts can obtain any queries answered from any location in the world at any time from our dedicated customer care and support, which is always active online around the clock.