Travel Lead Guides

When you contact Jagadamba Holiday, by text, phone or email, or if you visit our physical office in Kathmandu, our help desk staff are available 24/7 to answer you and fulfill your need. You will have an opportunity to converse directly with our member who has been on the specific trip of your interest and will share with you the most recent first-hand experience. Even if most of the basic information can be found in our Jagadamba Holidays’ Trip Essentials, the individual travel notes, or on our website, talking to an adventure expert is what makes all the difference to ease the process.

Our lead guides’ enthusiasm for adventure travels, their unique experience of the Himalayan journeys and destinations, and their story telling acumen and ability to converse with and involve you are all the necessary ingredients of making your experience with us joyful and fun. Our guide is accompanied with a local support crew, who could be just a driver, or a complete team of guides, camping crews, luggage porters, yak-men, cooks, and so on. The diligence of our support staff, along with their deep insight, can offer you a rich view into their cultures, traditions, histories, and their respective significance, to make your journey worthwhile.