The accommodation we use may vary depending on our package travel and the range of travel destinations. Before or after the trip you can book comfortable hotels in cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara for your stay. We believe that you will complete your vacation without any problems and have the trip of a lifetime. If you book camping/trekking, our camping team will manage a comfortable camping site by the river where possible. You will find more detailed information about travel accommodation which is mentioned separately in the lodging section of each vacation package page. However, you can expect excellent service and high quality in any budget range you choose. We always try to choose comfortable accommodation with local character reflecting the best value based on twin share accommodation.

If you request a private single room, you will need to pay a single room supplementary fee. On trekking trips we try our best but do not promise guaranteed room options. For most of our camping trips, we supply branded two-person tents, including groundsheets. Mess tent, kitchen tent, toilet tent, service plates, bowls, and all necessities are provided.



a) Kathmandu Guest House, Thamel
b) Hotel Kailash Kutee, Thamel
c) Hotel Marshyangdi, Thamel


a) Hotel Middle Path, Lakeside
b) Hotel Queens Park, Lakeside
c) Hotel Dandelion, Lakeside


Kathmandu the capital of Nepal is a tourist hub for Tibet, Bhutan, India, and other Asian countries.

The domestic package cost includes everything except the cost of international flights, visas, and trip permits. You are responsible for making your way to the beginning of the trip to the travel destination. 

Kathmandu airport arrival transfer will be provided free of cost. Due to any reason flight delays then alternatively transfer cost you have to pay directly to the service provider.