Awards & Accolades

Jagadamba Holidays strives to offer the ultimate adventure experience; with the best choice of holidays, friendly customer service and responsible travel. Within the travel industry, we are routinely recognized for our achievements and are proud to have been awarded numerous accolades.

We derive our accolades from our commitments to ethical integrity, corporate social responsibility policy. Our commitment to protect wildlife and the environment as well as bringing positive changes to local people and their communities is channeled through our collaboration with various environmental and wildlife protection governmental and non-governmental agencies working locally.

From the first moment of contact with someone from Jagadamba Holidays’ personable staff, you will feel that your every need is paid attention to. We will discuss all the options with you and together decide what can be the best for your desired trip. There is always this component of personal touch on everything we do. Your itinerary will be a co-creation of you and our team to reach an estimate. Once finalized, we will serve your every need.

At Jagadamba Holidays, our travel experts are some of the bests in the business, with their long experience. We do exceptional work in all areas, from on-call customer service, the drivers and trekking guides assigned to you the through your accommodation or transport.

In addition to fulfilling our client’s dreams for a memorable adventure, we take your safety as our utmost priority. All of our guides and teams are trained in first aid and safety regulations. We ensure all of our travel partners’ work to be the highest safety standards. We have access to immediate emergency services from our helicopter fleet partners as well as first-class medical assistance at our instant call.